Hudson 6 Months Old

Cannot believe our little Monchka is 6 months old! Those newborn days are hard and slow Mommas, but then all of the sudden you look up into their face and they're 6 months old smiling, laughing, eating real food, on the verge of crawling, and sleeping in their own bed all night in their own room! 

Hudson is more than I ever imagined my child could be and I am so grateful every single day for him. He is a literal reminder every morning that everyday we wake up is a precious gift and it's exciting. His smile is contagious and holding him can instantly turn your bad day into a good one. Each day more and more of his personality comes out and I can't wait to hear him talk and know what he's thinking about. We love you Tony Hudson!! Shop our outfits and some items in his room here and here



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