The Shoes You NEED this Spring/Summer!

You guys know me, I typically don't promote spending over a certain amount on a single item. I'm very budget friendly and always look for a deal! That being said.... when you find something great AND the money is going…


Casual Shirt Dress

Y'all remember that Marshalls try-on I shared last month? Well, I broke down and went back and got the shirt dress for $16.99! (I also saw it at TJ Maxx too!) It's just perfect to just throw on for errands…


Throw On A Kimono

Happy Thursday!! Hope all you babes have had a great week! Even though our week was cut short due to travel, I am exhausted! And it's not over yet... 

With these warmer temps lately, I still like layers to look…


New Favs 3/10/19

Here's a few of my NEW favs- (and old faithful,  Jergens self-tanner the OG for me before spray tans were a thing, but I still love to use a lot!) that I was discussing on our instagram stories today! 



Monday 2/4/19


Featured on Instagram Monday 2/4/19, this thermal top from JCPenny is only $14.24 today with code: AMOR at checkout! (I'm wearing size M in this top; size up half-a-size in these boots!)


Target Clearance Try-On

Hey guys! Just wanted to share.... I stopped into Target yesterday to look around, and they had some great stuff on clearance 50% off, so I thought I'd try some on and show you guys! 

First up, is this fuzzy…


January Shoe Haul

Happy Monday guys! 

Sorry I've been so MIA on here. I've tried to do little things here and there on Instagram to let you know I'm here. With the holidays, and honestly... I'm still mentally recovering from our miscarriage in…