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Fringe City 

The Boho look, I don't do it all of the time, because some of it I just can't pull off. I wish I could! I love looking at the boho style! I love the simplicity of it and the colors being toned down, to let the design of the clothing just speak. When I saw this skirt online at (this exact skirt linked below) I knew I had to have it! Keeping with the boho-western feel of the skirt, I decided to pair it with a light chambray top that I had in my closet from #TJMaxx a few years ago. Felt a…

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The Little Red Dress 

Hey guys, happy Monday!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine wasn't bad, a part from losing my voice. I think it's a little bit of sinus infection. Thankfully I only felt achy and feverish Friday. Since then, it's just been the soar throat and no voice. For me though being a singer, I feel kind of lost without my voice. I take for granted how easy it is for me to sing along with anything in pitch. 

Hopefully the warmer weather comes back to stay..... in the meantime, I'm going to keep buying cute summer…

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It's FRI-YAY we made it!!!! 

Hope it was an amazing week for you all. It is crazy how amazing a spray tan can make you feel lol. I highly suggest it! I swear it puts me in a better mood. We don't have any huge plans this weekend, just playing at Barlines downtown tonight with our band and church on Sunday. Next weekend we will be headed to Indiana to be with my family for Easter, I cannot wait! I haven't seen my parents since Thanksgiving, I miss them so much! 

I couldn't wait to show you guys how this…

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What To Do In Nashville 

Shop my Nashville hat in Charcoal pictured above 

Hey guys! 

Hope you're having a great week! Today's post is all about the number one question I get asked by everyone (including my family & friends lol):  "We're planning a trip to Nashville, what should we do or not miss while visiting?" I don't mind this question, I'm happy to help anyone coming to town, but I must confess... I get a bit of anxiety trying to come up with a list lol. Of course the nightlife of Broadway is always a fun attraction if…

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Easter Inspo 

Hey guys!

We're into another week, and spring is finally approaching! (Well, the weather here in Nashville has taken a little step backwards) but the flowers and trees are trying to bloom, and it's beautiful! Spring means another holiday upon us... Easter! And that means another outfit....oh darn, another excuse for us to find another new cute dress, right girls?! 

I recently purchased this cute floral number from Asos and I have to say I love it! It's a cute print and so comfortable. For Easter, you want to…

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A SATC Moment 

Hey guys!

We're almost there, the end of another week. Hope it's been a good one! 

When I saw this skirt in the store I thought, impractical.....but so pretty! Every girl needs a little princess/Sex and the City moment available in her closet at all times. I chose to make it look casual with a tied up camo button-up shirt and a tank. But you have to have the cute heels to tie it altogether. If you don't want to go the buttoned shirt route, pair the skirt with a cute short blazer like one I've linked below. 

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Your Customized Feed 

Happy Tuesday guys!! 

Here in Nashville today the sun is shining, it's 60 degrees, and I woke up with a grateful heart. I hope for each of you, your Tuesday is off to a good start as well! And if not, hopefully this post will help inspire you and enable you to hit the  REFRESH  button on today and start again! 

I think in today's social media world, the pressure is on. For you to look a certain way, for your achievements to be at a certain height, and for your personal life to be at a certain stage at a…

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Birks & T-Shirts 

T-Shirt | T-Shirt2 | T-Shirt3 | Black Denim | Black Faded Denim | Black Birkenstocks | Similar Birks |  Black Bucket Bag | Black Shoulder Bag | Similar Aviators | Bracelets | 

Hey Guys! 

Happy Monday, and the start of another week!!  It's around 60 degrees and sunny here in Nashville, couldn't ask for better Monday motivation than that! 

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great Birthday on Friday! I know people say all of the time, "Oh I feel so blessed," but I really did Friday. On Thursday, I don't…

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The New Fanny Pack 

Belt Bag | Belt Bag2 | Patent Skirt | Patent Skirt2 | Similar Gold Heels | Similar Shirt | Similar Shirt2 | Sunglasses | 

Happy Wednesday guys! 

Hope you all are having a great week. Well, it's my Birthday week. Ever since I entered my 30's, I kind of get anxious with each birthday that comes. The kind of hold my breath anxious. Like you're hitting the breaks and nothing's happening. Trying to approach 32 with an open heart and see what God has in store! 

Well, I never thought I'd jump on this train, but this…

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Mixed Patterns 



Happy Friday guys! 

Cannot believe it is Friday again. Where did this week go?? I feel like it was just Friday. Hope you all had a great Valentine's or Galentine's as well!! Did you drink wine and eat lots of chocolate like I did?! I got breakfast in bed, taken out to lunch, and then I made a balsamic chicken and noodles dinner topped with Tony's favorite chocolate cupcakes for dessert! It was a nice day. 

A part from the holiday, I hope you all take a moment to hug your loved ones a little tighter this…

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