Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 

Hey Friends!

Wanted to get a jump on previewing the sale for you guys this year! My picks won't necessarily be as much as other bloggers, because well, I am a BUDGET girl LOL. So all my picks fall right in around $40 or less, with the exception of Spanx leggings that are $64 in the sale.... They are usually $98, and I couldn't ever bring myself to spend $98, but I did buy mine at the $64 price and I can tell you without a doubt they are worth every single penny! I LOVE mine! They are so flattering and you…

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Comfy LBD 

Hey guys! Actually found this casual little black dress at TJ Maxx with my mom! But it's so cute, I had to find similar ones for you guys to shop! Pregnant or not- a simple little dress like this is so great and easy to throw on for summer! To shop similar dresses, shoes, hat, and bag- just click on either of the photos below!! 


Easy Summer Outfits 

Hey everyone! 

Wanted to throw together some easy summer outfits- including a cozy one just around the house! I've been living in this pair of jeans shorts (using the hair-tie trick to button for the bump haha) when I'm not in my pregnancy biker shorts or leggings! To shop each of these looks, simply click on the photos below! Comfortable, yet makes you look put together! 


Walmart Shoe Finds 

Hey guys! 

I stopped into Walmart to get some vitamins and everyday stuff, and I stopped and checked out their shoes! I found these really cute slip-ons that are SO comfy with memory foam inside for only $14.97! I also found some more styles in store and on their site that are super cute and so affordable!! To shop, just click on the photo below to where you can click on each pair to check them out! All under $30!! 

Happy Shopping!

Updated Everyday Makeup 

Wanted to update you guys on all my go-to everyday makeup products! I have all the products linked on my , along with the shades of certain things like foundation in the caption there... 

To shop, simply click on the photo below and it will take you to where you can click on each item for easy shopping! 


Memorial Day Weekend Sales 

Hey friends! Hope you've all had a happy Friday!! I was working all day and rounded up some great items on sale this weekend from different retailers! Tried to do a little bit of everything- comfy, dressy, swim, summer, home decor, & shoes! All of these items I chose were what I would be willing to pay bc I thought they were good deals! Some other sites I looked at their "sales" and I was just like, eh- still too pricey for me. Just click on each photo to shop! Hope this helps some of my budget chic girls…

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Home Decor Update 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Just wanted to do an updated post on some of our home decor! Most of our decor comes from Homegoods, Target, or Ross... but I found some really similar items online to what we have at our house! And don't forget to take a look around the house and see what you can change out to give your room a little spruce! To shop, just click on the photo & it will take you to my



Baby Pierce Nursery 

Last night I was finally inspired to really sit and start dreaming up what I want baby boy’s nursery to be😭 I’m still so hesitant, but I felt this push to start dreaming it up... so I did & it makes me so excited & emotional all at the same time! I’ve anxiously awaited the day that this was a reality for me🖤 I got some inspiration from one of my favorite designers that’s here in Nashville @apriltomlininteriors . I’m taking design ideas from a couple of her projects... one she did last year for @malloryervin

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Mother's Day (or You Day!) Roundup 

I cannot believe April has come and gone, and now we're entering May! This year is flying by because of this pandemic.... 

Not this weekend, but NEXT weekend is Mother's Day! This day was always hard for me... waiting to be a mom. This year I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant, but for anyone that this day is difficult for, my heart is with you. Whether you're trying to start your family, your mother has passed, you never knew your mom, or simply never had children. So remember, this day you could just…

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Conceiving & First Trimester Recap 

Wow... still can't believe this is real! My husband Tony and I are beyond grateful still. After going through a miscarriage at the end of 2018 and spending most of 2019 just trying to recover from it and find our way again, we are just beyond excited for this opportunity to be parents like we always dreamed! 

After being tested and going to a fertility specialist because we weren't conceiving as fast as we wanted, I think a lot of people were wondering how we conceived. Infertility is soooo hard. And any…

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