3-Day Soup Cleanse


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! We sure did with family time in Texas and all the Mexican food & Christmas sweets we could get our hands on... which brings me to the soup cleanse topic. 

If you're like me, you're feeling those extra couple or more lb's and it's not a great feeling. You feel bloated and just uncomfortable. Time to start the new year off with a 3-Day Soup Cleanse! (If you're feeling like you could manage a 5 or 7 day one, go for it, and go you! I encourage you to do so if you're feeling committed!) I however, am going to ease into getting back on track with just a 3-day one. I honestly don't think I could stick to more right now just coming off the holidays... not enough will power here lol. 

I discovered this brand all on my own one day at Target and I'm so glad I did! Kitchen22 has 5 different all natural soups they've created and store in glass bottles. They are so affordable (under $6 a bottle!) and I love that I can pick them up whenever I want at Target and I don't have to spend a lot of $$ on a big box order. 

If you're like me, we always see the latest diet trends celebrities are trying... and the soup cleanse has been one of the newest ones I've seen. #Kitchen22 's soups are so healthy and will give you all the veggies and fruits your body is craving after all the junk over the holidays. And the best part is... you won't feel hungry! Since Tony will not partake in this cleanse lol, I can get lunch and dinner out of one bottle. (If I need to have a different soup at dinner then lunch, I alternate so I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to eat the same one twice in one day.) 

And to help cleanse your body, add drinking a cup of hot green tea or earl grey tea with some almond milk, and add a shot of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey . (Adding the apple cider vinegar to your tea will help you get the benefits without having to taste it... bc let's face it, it does not taste good, but the benefits are SO GOOD for your body as it helps clean your system out!) 

The Butternut Squash and the Potato Cauliflower are my favorite soups (obviously lol) and taste really good. But click on the #Kitchen22 link above and check out all of their soups, to see which ones you want to try! 

Good luck guys! And if you try any of the soups, email me or let me know how you like them & how you felt after your cleanse.

Cheers to 2018 & making it a GREAT year🍾🥂🎉


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