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Happy Tuesday Guys! 

Hope your week is going good! We're doing pretty well over here in the Pierce household. 

When we went to church this past Sunday it was a great message as always, but this one in particular hit home. It was about spreading hope not hype. I love this blog! It's fun and rewarding for me. Let's be honest... I didn't start this to get rich & I'm not! lol. I don't have a big budget to throw into this. I do my own website, my own photos, it's just me. How I love this blog, it isn't my only passion. Tony and I have spent almost our entire lives doing music, and we are still very much investing in our country duo, Pierce Avenue. That in itself takes just about all the money we have after we pay our bills. So for me to have any money to invest into this blog, is going to be slim to none. I try to work with what I have and do the best I can. The fact that I'm even doing it and taking the time, is my investment in me. And that's OK. I'm investing my time into something that I enjoy doing, but I will not let it dictate my happiness. Just as Tony and I have to strive every single day in this music town, to not let the music business dictate our happiness. We do music for us, bc that's all we know. We're not going to pretend to be someone else, just so we fit the mold of what's on the radio right now. It's probably why we're not further a long lol, but at least we know who we are. It's not the easier way either. Everywhere you turn, there's someone going "You need to be this, or you need to do that. " Just do you. And I'm not bashing those on the radio now. There are so many great artists out there on country radio right now, and the music they're making they absolutely love, and that is great! It shows. We just kind of do old school country, and that is ok too. It's not popular right now, but it's who we are. So we'll keep on keeping on, and continue making music that we enjoy!    

I know some bloggers/influencers out there are doing really well, and that's awesome. They work hard for it & invest all of their time into it. Maybe I'll look back one day and be shocked, but I don't want that to be the only reason that drives me. This is something I enjoy doing, believe it or not. (And I'm not a stranger to something I enjoy not being the most popular or profitable, hello I've been a country singer since I was 11 lol.)  But like any other woman or person for that matter in this social media driven society, I find myself comparing myself to others. I think: there are so many bloggers out there, so many even in Nashville alone, what do I have to offer? I'm not as pretty, my content isn't as good, it's never going to work. But you know what? I just need to do me. I can't afford a lot of expensive labels, I'm not a mom yet, I'm not famous nor friends with anyone famous, I'm just Jaime. All I can do is be me. And I love putting content together to share with you all, especially when I've found cute stuff for good deals! It's just fun. Let's be honest, shopping is my sport and hobby, I love it. And finding a cute item at the cheapest price, I feel like I'm winning haha! 

This post is just a post I wanted to do to share some new products I've been using that I love! I don't know if they'll work on everyone, but they're working great for me and are affordable for the everyday girl. So I just wanted to share in case you guys are looking for some new stuff to try! 

-The Vital Collagen Peptides Protein- I'm loving! I just put a scoop in my coffee every morning and it dissolves so fast, and you can't even taste it. It's been making my hair and nails grow like crazy! (Even my eyebrows!) 

-The Nurse Jamie Cleanser is awesome! It leaves my skin so soft. Even my husband felt my face after I washed it when it brushed up against him, he asked what I've been using! 

-The Dermaclara serum I'm still using on my scar on my stomach and it's working wonders!

- The Nuskin Lash Grow is great! You put it on your lashes like mascara and they grow fast! And it's under $40! If you're interested, click the link above and email me for how to order! 

- This Collagen + Retinol Serum is great. It really reduces fine lines, and I'm obsessed. 

-This Nexxus Hairspray is my new fav! I got hooked on the little bottle you can get at Target for traveling. It leaves my hair looking shiny, curls in place, and easy to brush out if I change my mind. It's my favorite now and the only one I use. 

-This hair gloss I use for my extensions, and I love it! I use clip-ins like all of the time. My hair is thin, and this helps with volume for me. This gloss keeps the ends of my extensions looking shiny and healthy! If you use extensions, I recommend this affordable product! 

Hope this helps any of you looking for some new stuff to try! If you try any, comment and let me know what you tried and how it worked!! 

Thanks for reading as always, love y'all! 

Jaime Xo 

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