Affordable Makeup Finds💄

Hey guys! 

It's been sooo long since I've done a blog post. I appreciate whomever has stuck around and understood me taking a step back from posting, posting, posting. I was starting to put so much pressure on myself. I love blogging, but I don't want to get caught up in trying to keep up with others that do this full time. I can't, and it's not my only thing... so I have to remind myself of that and just put out the content I want to share with you all, and not worry about what other bloggers are doing:) 

If you follow Tony & I on Instagram, then you've seen this affordable makeup I shared. But just in case you don't, I wanted to make sure I posted these finds up here on the blog too! 

So, I heard some makeup artists I follow online, talk about this Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation . Honestly, I wondered if it was just given to them or something to talk about online. So decided I needed to try it out myself! My skin is oily and also prone to breakouts. So using a foundation that is under $5, I was nervous that it would irritate my skin or just leave me super shiny after an hour. But y'all... this stuff works great! Worked great on my skin and made my pores even appear smaller. Definitely try it... and why not? It's sooo affordable! 

While also at the store, I saw this Wet N Wild Mattifying Powder . I have a setting powder that I use from NYX that I love that is about $10, but when I saw this powder for $4.99 I thought I wonder if that works just as good? How I still love my powder from NYX, I have to say this cheaper powder did not disappoint! It worked great, and I'm going to keep it in my purse for touch-ups when we leave the house! 

The last affordable find I wanted to share, was this Elf Cosmetics Cream Blush in 'Pear Perfection.' I was looking for a blush to last longer for when we have shows or events and this one is great! It stayed on well, and I LOVE the color! It also goes with my spray tan! Haha. Perfect summer color! And for $3, you can't go wrong! 

Well, just wanted to share some affordable goodies I tested for y'all! I love makeup just as much as the next girl and trying new looks, but my budget doesn't always allow for a trip to Sephora. Enjoy! And if you try any of these out, take a pic & tag me on Instagram... I wanna see!! @pierceavemusic 

Love you guys, 

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