All about the "Bells!" 

Hey guys, happy Friday! Hope it's been a good week for you all & you've been able to find some happiness in your every day that maybe you didn't notice before. Today, I'm talking bells- bell bottoms and bell sleeves! 

For a typical person, wearing both at one time is usually a no-no.... but I'm trying to step out of my box here lately. And there is a certain woman's style in Nashville that is giving me the balls to do it.... Karen Fairchild! 

Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town is no stranger to taking fashion risks and I gotta say, I LOVE that about her!! Her stylist, Karla Welch, is amazing!! The outfits they come up with... 🖤🖤🖤 Wearing polka dots with stripes, the amazing boots.... it's all so good! Karen Fairchild alone gave me the courage to buy these white booties and I love them! I was so bashful trying them on in the store... and one of the girls that worked there was like, "Yass! You have to buy those, noone has had the courage to try them on and they look so great on you!" 

So ladies, I encourage YOU this fall season to step out of your fashion box. Go for it!! Links to this outfit below! 

Happy weekend ladies!!

Xo, Jaime 

Sweater: Altar'd State Nashville 

Similar Black Faux Suede Bell Bottoms: Charlotte Russe

Similar Velvet Black Bell Bottoms: 6pm

Similar White Booties Option 1: URBANOG

Similar Buckle White Booties Option 2: Love Culture

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