Cool Summer

Hey guys! 

Another post? Feeling inspired to share lately, and when I want to share something, I'm gonna! We spent today relaxing and taking it easy after a LONNNGGG CMA Fest week here in Nashville! We had 3 shows of our own, along with Tony playing guitar for 3 other shows- 2 of which I went with him and was just the guitar player's wife again;) It's fun once and while just going and watching him do his thing and crushing on him from the audience like the old days... hehe. 

This two piece set is perfect for summer! And ladies who aren't straight up down like the models like me... it looks cute on us too! I love how high waisted these pants are. If you've been following me for a while, you know I have a scar down my stomach, and am always self conscious about it showing. This outfit allows me to partake in the crop top look, but feel covered enough. And ladies.... it's only $20 right now.... GO GO GO! 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and your week started out with an awesome Monday! Let's take on this week and all of it's blessings! Going to link the exact sandals, similar sunnies, and exact hat below!

Love y'all, 

Sandals | Similar Sunnies | Hat 

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