It's FRI-YAY we made it!!!! 

Hope it was an amazing week for you all. It is crazy how amazing a spray tan can make you feel lol. I highly suggest it! I swear it puts me in a better mood. We don't have any huge plans this weekend, just playing at Barlines downtown tonight with our band and church on Sunday. Next weekend we will be headed to Indiana to be with my family for Easter, I cannot wait! I haven't seen my parents since Thanksgiving, I miss them so much! 

I couldn't wait to show you guys how this adorable top from Nadia Rima Boutique (Use code: PIERCE20 for a discount) looked on! It's so soft & comfy. And with spring & summer upon us, the flowers on it are just so cute & makes you feel so girly. I decided to pair it with some longer denim cutoffs from American Eagle. (My shorts are from last year, but I will link a similar mom cut pair below!) 

To top off this girly look, I put on my new shades from Nora NYC. I know some of you are saying, "Umm, girl those shades are a little extra..." Well, yea they are! lol. But you know what, I love them! I had to have them... why you ask? Because I have been one of the biggest Jessica Simpson fans out there since 2002.... and well, she owns either this pair, or a pair just like them. I saw them on on her Instagram! So yep... I bought 'em! :) I'm not even sorry about it. If you want to be extra with me, I've got a code for you to get 10% off these or any style from #NoraNYC . Use code: NewShades at checkout! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend & find some time to relax and do something you really enjoy!! 

Love to you all, 



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