January Shoe Haul

Happy Monday guys! 

Sorry I've been so MIA on here. I've tried to do little things here and there on Instagram to let you know I'm here. With the holidays, and honestly... I'm still mentally recovering from our miscarriage in December. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I've been keeping busy with decluttering and cleaning our house and trying to get organized to feel fresh and renewed. My faith is strong, and I know God has a plan for us for starting our family. Is it silly that we're still having the mentality a baby is coming? We sold Tony's old car because we've paid off my car, and are going to look for an SUV for a family car. Tony has started cleaning out what was his guitar room, because we're going to move the guest bed in there because we want the now guest room to eventually be the nursery. I feel like God is telling us, just get things ready... I'm just giving you more time to prepare and get your ducks in a row. So that's what we're doing! Haha. 

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! If you got some Christmas money and are looking for some new shoes, I've picked out these that can you believe are all UNDER $30?! Yup! Get more for your $$! In the last couple of years, Payless has really upped their game and have some great, affordable styles to choose from! And if they don't work out, you can always return in-store to make it easier! Click on the images below to shop these styles and check out more on their website! 

Have a great day!! Xo

(Size up half a size! ^) 

(Size up half a size! ^) 

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