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Happy Friday guys! 

Cannot believe it is Friday again. Where did this week go?? I feel like it was just Friday. Hope you all had a great Valentine's or Galentine's as well!! Did you drink wine and eat lots of chocolate like I did?! I got breakfast in bed, taken out to lunch, and then I made a balsamic chicken and noodles dinner topped with Tony's favorite chocolate cupcakes for dessert! It was a nice day. 

A part from the holiday, I hope you all take a moment to hug your loved ones a little tighter this week. Florida's tragic events break my heart. What those families are going through... I can't take it  anymore. There has to be something we can all agree on that can be done to keep these shootings from occurring. I pray we can all come to an agreement soon. 

On to fashion talk... this past week was New York Fashion Week and I was so jealous. I was glued to my phone on Instagram, watching all the celebrities and bloggers Insta stories in awe! One common  theme I'm seeing more of this season, and was always too scared to try, is mixing patterns. I mean, I came from the day where you didn't wear white after Labor Day (lame); you didn't wear a blue shirt with a black belt, you wore brown... (yes kids, I grew up in the stone ages I know!! The horror!) I love how all those silly rules are thrown out the window now, and fashion can just be what you want it to be. An expression of you or how you're feeling that day. 

This silky, floral blazer... I just love it! You guys, I picked this up on SALE at H&M for $15!! (I can't find it online, but if you want this exact one, just go to your local H&M... it might still be there!) I love it. I have only worn it out once, but I got so many compliments! I decided to try this mixed pattern fashion risk and pair my blazer with joggers and some leopard heels even to boot! This outfit is so comfortable, yet when you add the heels and a cute handbag, it instantly feels dressy and put together. 

Give this mixed pattern fashion statement a try! It's fun to pair things together that you wouldn't normally think go together, but somehow they end up looking so good pieced together. It's fashion art, and I love it! I've linked a bunch of similar items below, if you want to try out this look. Have fun with your fashion guys, & take some fashion risks this weekend!! 

Thanks for reading, 

Jaime Xo

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