My Scar

Hey guys! 

Hope your week is off to a great start! Last night (in a lengthy lol) Insta story, I revealed something you might not know about me. If you didn't see the Insta story- I have a long scar down my stomach right above my belly button all the way down. About 8 years ago at age 24, my stomach area was starting to protrude as if I was pregnant. Knowing I was not pregnant, at first I thought I was just gaining weight, until I noticed it was only growing in my stomach area. 

Every woman knows how she gains weight. Mine goes every where lol, but especially in my love handles, butt, and thighs. This was different. It seemed I was wasting away everywhere else in my body except my stomach area. I think at that time, it was the skinniest my arms had ever been in my life! I went from doctor to doctor and at first was told I had a bladder issue, it was awful. Finally a doctor in Indiana realized what I had inside of me. A massive ovarian cyst that had attached itself to my left ovary and needed to be removed right away before it could burst. Had it burst inside of me, it could have killed me or at the very least, I would have been extremely sick with all the toxins in my body. (The cyst weighed almost 4 lbs! It was taking up every inch inside my body.) Thankfully with the doctor cutting me in half, he removed it (along with my left ovary it was attached to) without a hiccup. Everything went great and my recovery was smooth as well. I did walk around bent over like a granny for about 2 months and couldn't drive or work in this time, but I made an easy, full recovery. You wouldn't know I went through this unless you saw the long scar on my stomach. 

Now I know I am not the only woman or person out there for that matter, that has something that makes them feel insecure. Whether it's a scar, stretch marks, or whatever, NO ONE is without something that bothers them... KNOW that! I hope this doesn't sound vain or stupid, I know there are so many people out there that have or go through so much worse! I am so grateful that my situation was not worse than it was, because it easily could have been! I was also so lucky the cyst was not cancerous! But just as any human, this scar bothers me. 

When I found Dermaclara online, I thought this is worth looking into! If it's not hundreds of dollars, it could be a great option for me to help me feel a little less insecure I thought. Treatments for scars in doctors offices can cost anywhere from $200-$500, but this at-home treatment is so affordable! I'm so excited to try it! And if you or anyone you know is like me with a scar or stretch mark insecurity, I encourage you to give this a try with me! There is nothing wrong with trying to do something about an insecurity you have, to help your confidence and help you be a better you! When I'm more confident,  I am a better wife, friend, and daughter. You have to take care of you and not put guilt on yourself for wanting fix something! 

Here are some before pics below, and I will be updating you guys with my results, I cannot wait!! 

If you'd like to try it for yourself, click here and use the code:  DERM20  at checkout for 20% off!! 

Love to you all, 

Jaime Xo

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