New Fall Faves

It's FRIDAY!!!!!! {Insert happy dance here.}

Just got paid & looking for some new fall buys? Have no fear. I've rounded up some new things I've been trying and L-O-V-E & have to share with you guys! 

I was in the market for some new eye shadow for fall, but every palette I saw I'd think, "You have something just like this at home..." and I would talk myself out of it. Until I saw the colors in this Petite Heat Naked palette by Urban Decay. They are the perfect fall colors to have on hand!! I'm really into the middle right color "Wild Thing" right now. 

This Marc Jacobs Noir mascara... got this as a free gift from Sephora, and I have to say, I'm into it! The applicator gives you full looking lashes and is long lasting! I've tested it, it's worth the splurge if you're looking for a new good mascara! 

This lip plumper lipstick gloss by Elf Cosmetics is a freaking steal at $5!! I love it!! The color is Mocha Twist, & is great and long lasting, and it plumps your lips with a little tingle that isn't too harsh at all. (I can't stand it when lip plumpers irritate my lips too much.) Go get this now! 

This Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is amazing!! I heard Kristin Cavallari talk about it in an interview. She said she's never had botox, and applies this before make-up on special occasions or for events and it plumps up her skin. And since I'm not sure I want to dive into the surgical cosmetic world just yet myself...(I never say never) I decided this was a good investment and alternative for now. I like it a lot!! 

These geometric aviator shades by Glance Eyewear I found at Nordstrom the other day are soooo good for the price point! At only $14, they look so expensive and I'm just obsessed with them right now!

Last but not least, I know you guys saw on our stories the other night I tried out a new mask. This was it! I don't know if you ladies have heard of the CO2Lift Treatment Mask or the Hanacure Face Mask, but on Instagram- blogging world- and just any girl that keeps up with the latest beauty trends, I'm sure you have! I've been so wanting to try these, but just could not justify a one-time application mask costing me $75+ I want pretty skin, but nah. I think I've found something ladies that if it's not the same, it's VERY similar and achieves very similar results! Basically a mini face lift at home, BUT you get more for your buck. This face lift system- if used only once or twice a month, could last you around 6 months or more! (Multiple applications as opposed to only one time!)  It's by the company Nuskin. You get the liquid activator in a bottle, and then the powder in another container. You mix a teaspoon of the activator and a teaspoon of the powder together in a dish, and it creates this lotion like paste. You apply it to your face and wait for the magic to start happening! You'll feel your skin lifting and pulling tight, and won't be able to move your face lol. After your remove with warm water and a little scrub, your wrinkles and skin are truly lifted and/or faded!! I could not believe the results.... and for a price point LOWER than the other two masks, but with multiple applications that will last me as opposed to one application costing me more, I'd say it was a definite win!! (If you'd like to order this face lift mask, click here !)

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