Target Beauty Box

Hey guys!

Hope you've all been well and staying cool this summer. It's been a hot and humid one here in Nashville for sure, whew! In case you've never heard that they have them, I wanted to share this... 

We all have heard of the beauty boxes that you can get a subscription for that are a little on the pricey$ side... have you heard of Target beauty boxes?? You can either sign up for a subscription, or not! If not, you just Sign Up your email for free, and get notified when the new boxes are released. You can purchase them for just $7 whenever you want, and it's free shipping!! I love being able to pick and choose what boxes I want or would rather pass on that month. 

If you're not checking them out, you're missing out!! Sign Up at the link below & don't miss out on any of the cute products! 

Sign Up your Email

Purchase Summer Beauty Box

Love y'all! 

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