Where My Boots At?

Hey guys! Hope you all have had a great week!! 

Tony and I have a super busy weekend ahead with three gigs, but we're super excited every time we get the opportunity for music! 

I'm obsessed with over-the-knee boots! I have been for the past two fall seasons! I just feel super good when I wear them since I'm self conscious about my legs haha. I have dark grey boots that are flat, lighter grey with a small heel, and I just got these black ones last month that are my new favorite pair! 

Being on stage with everyone staring at you and how you look and what you're wearing, it is terrifying to me. It's so funny, the singing part to me is the least scary thing. I know I can sing, it's just home and a safe place for me to be holding a mic. I'm happiest and my most authentic self when I'm singing, my heart and voice just come out. But the worried about what people think I look like and staring and judging me, that's what is scary. 

So over-the-knee boots are kind of like my magic boots LOL! I feel a little kick in my step when I'm wearing them on stage and off. It also helps when I put on these black boots that Tony always comments how sexy I look haha. 

I picked these up at Saks on sale last month, but I'm going to link some similar black boots below, along with a similar black faux suede jacket. Some people think fashion is silly, but if wearing a certain, cute pair of black boots makes me feel more confident, then I'm going to wear them! I encourage you all to find that piece that just makes you feel good and rock it! 

Have a great weekend guys!! 

Xo, Jaime 

Similar boots1: Asos | Similar boots2: Charlotte Russe | Similar jacket: H&M | Exact necklace: Boho Queen Jewelry | Similar skirt1: Forever 21| Similar skirt2: Topshop | Similar grey top1: Forever 21| Similar grey top2: Forever 21 | Similar sunglasses: Forever 21 |

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