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Happy Tuesday guys!! 

Here in Nashville today the sun is shining, it's 60 degrees, and I woke up with a grateful heart. I hope for each of you, your Tuesday is off to a good start as well! And if not, hopefully this post will help inspire you and enable you to hit the  REFRESH  button on today and start again! 

I think in today's social media world, the pressure is on. For you to look a certain way, for your achievements to be at a certain height, and for your personal life to be at a certain stage at a certain time... we're all looking at our Facebook or Instagram accounts and looking at pictures of our friends or even strangers and thinking, "I wish I had that." What we don't think in that moment is, "What is this person's story... what struggles have they gone through. I wonder what their insecurities are..." We hardly ever think that.... it's all about comparing ourselves to them and listing all of the things in our lives that we're not happy about. Putting ourselves down. Guys, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!!!!! We have to stop being our worst critics! 

Even looking in the mirror, I pick myself a part. My husband Tony & I will be walking out the door to go somewhere, and he will tell me how beautiful I look. You can ask him, my response hardly ever is just receiving the compliment. It's usually along the lines of, "No I'm not." He gets so irritated and frustrated with me. He always says to me, "Hey, that's my wife you're talking about & I don't like it!" We're working on me receiving his compliments and stopping this behavior. I have to break this cycle for myself and my sanity. Even this photo below... I look at it and think, what a pretty photo from our Oregon trip by the water, the sunlight... but what you guys don't know about this photo is, Tony and I had a huge argument from this moment. I asked him to take a photo of me bc the setting was so pretty, but then snapped at him about the angles he was photographing from bc I couldn't stand the way I looked. I was so insecure in this moment that it even caused us to have an argument. It was absurd. 

You guys also know my struggle and pressure I put on myself bc I haven't gotten pregnant yet. Something that is beyond out of my control, but it brings me down. And then, as much as people are trying to give advice and help. With all of their suggestions all I hear is, "You're not doing this or that right... you're failing." Friends I went to school with just having their second child, or are already done having children, and me feeling behind because I don't even have one. I have to shake myself from this mindset!! Stop comparing. With this Instagram and blogging world, the thoughts: "My Instagram feed isn't as pretty, my photos aren't as good, I don't look as good as her..." ahhhh it's too much. As of today, I am going to declare to Customize My Feed! In the literal and metaphorical sense... I am no one else but Jaime Pierce. I have my own, individual path and purpose that is unlike anyone else's. And I'm going to embrace every little moment, bc God has curated this special path just for me. 

Get to  "Customizing YOUR Feed"  and embrace yourself and your journey! I'm going to leave you with a quote from a blogger that really inspires me: 

"There is so much purpose in this hardship and it's making me who I am. It's part of my story and it's developing my character in a deeper way."    Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

Love to you all, 

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